femara side effects

femara side effects

In clinical studies it was found that about 60% of women who received the vaccine  , used oral contraceptives femara side effects. Information about the negative impact on the effectiveness femara side effects absent.

It is assumed that in patients receiving immunosuppressive adequate immune response may not be achieved.

So far, cases of overdosage have been reported.

Pregnancy and lactation
Controlled studies on the use of the vaccine  during pregnancy and lactation was conducted. The experimental data have been received about the possible negative impact of the vaccine on the formation of the fetal or postnatal development. However, femara side effects vaccination during pregnancy recommend that you wait and hold it after birth.

Animal studies have shown that it is possible the selection of antibodies to the vaccine antigens with milk.

Effects on ability to concentrate
for Advanced Studies on the effect of the vaccine on the ability to drive a car or operating machinery is not carried out. However, it should take into account the clinical condition of the patients and the profile of adverse reactions.

Release form
of 0.5 ml in a bottle made of neutral glass type  with rubber stoppers made of synthetic butyl rubber and aluminum cover under run-fitted with a protective plastic cap. 1, 5 or 10 vials per blisterfemara side effects. 1 (1 or 10 units), 2 (5 flasks) or 10 blisters (10 vials) or vials 100 in a cardboard pack with instructions to 0.5 ml syringe made of neutral glass type  supplied with a protective cap . Each syringe can be supplied without a needle or bundled with one or two needles in plastic containers. Needle cannula closed cap of polyethylene.

1, 5 or 10 syringes in the blister of a high density polyethylene. By 1 (1 or 10 syringes), 2 (5 syringes) blisters in a cardboard box with instructions for use. Or 10 syringes with instructions for use in paper cartons with built-in protective cardboard tray with perforated tamper.

1, the blisters 10 with syringes in a cardboard femara side effects box with a corresponding number of instructions for use.