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In a study in healthy volunteers was observed hepatotoxicity is the case with signs of an allergic reaction, possibly associated with taking maraviroc. In addition, during studies involving patients with experience of therapy in patients receiving maraviroc was an increase in the frequency of adverse reactions from the liver, while no increased incidence of liver function test abnormalities as a whole to a level of 3-4 severity scale femara for infertility. Even fewer cases of lesions of the hepatobiliary system was observed in patients who have not received treatment. The frequency of side effects and liver abnormalities in liver function tests on  Grade 3-4 scale were comparable between the groups receiving maraviroc and efavirenz. In patients with liver disease, including chronic active hepatitis during combination antiretroviral therapy may increase the frequency of liver function abnormalities, therefore such patients should be monitored according to standard practice for the management of patients with liver disease. All patients with signs or symptoms of acute hepatitis, especially with suspected hypersensitivity to the drug or increase the activity of “liver” transaminases combined with rash or other symptoms of possible hypersensitivity (itchy rash, eosinophilia or increased concentration of femara for infertility in the plasma) receiving maraviroc should be discontinued. renal function . In the absence of maraviroc metabolic inhibitors, renal clearance is about 23% of the total clearance of maraviroc and hence is not expected that renal dysfunction could significantly increase the concentration of maraviroc in serum.

In patients with severe renal impairment receiving  therapy and drug maraviroc , may increase the risk of orthostatic hypotension. This risk is associated with an increase in the maximum concentration of maraviroc. The maximum risk of orthostatic hypotension observed with concomitant use of maraviroc , with the most potent inhibitory effect on the isoenzyme femara for infertility(saquinavir / ritonavir, darunavir / ritonavir, lopinavir / ritonavir). Patients with impaired renal function often suffer concomitant cardiovascular diseases, as well as an increased risk of cardiovascular adverse events, which may be exacerbated by orthostatic hypotension.

Effects on ability to drive and control mechanisms
Research influence on the ability to drive femara for infertility or operate machinery has not been. Maraviroc may cause dizziness. Patients should be warned that if they experience dizziness, they should avoid potentially hazardous activities such as driving or using machinery.