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The maximum dose used in clinical studies was 1200 mg. Dose-limiting adverse effect was orthostatic hypotension.
The specific antidote in overdose maraviroc not. It is necessary to give the patient a horizontal position, to carefully assess vital signs, measuring blood pressure and femara fertility done.
According to the testimony can cause vomiting or gastric lavage hold. Purpose of activated carbon can be considered as an adjuvant. Since maraviroc moderately bound to plasma proteins, with the aim of deducing maraviroc dialysis may be used.

Interaction with other drugs and other forms of interaction
Maraviroc is a substrate of isoenzyme. Concomitant use of drugs with maraviroc isoenzyme inducers  may decrease maraviroc concentration in plasma and reduce its therapeutic effect.Sharing maraviroc with drugs depressing isoenzyme  maraviroc can increase the concentration in plasma. With concomitant use maraviroc inhibitors and  inducers isoenzyme dose adjustment is required.


Specific instructions
Therapy should be held by a physician with experience in the treatment of  infection.
Should be considered before starting treatment:


  • Appointment femara fertility patient is carried out after studying the tropism, viral resistance and treatment history.
  • The use of maraviroc is not recommended in patients .
    Maraviroc should only be used in cases when using adequately validated and sensitive method is determined solely. Tropism of the virus can not be determined based on history or assessment of treatment are stored patient blood samples.
    In infected patients over time there is a change the tropism of the virus. It is therefore necessary to start treatment soon after the determination of tropism.
    Information for patients: patients should be informed that antiretroviral therapy, including the use of maraviroc, does not prevent the risk of transmission of femara fertilityto others through sexual contact or through contact with blood. Patients should continue to take all precautionary measures. Maraviroc does not lead to eradication 1. Dose adjustment . Make sure that the correct dose of maraviroc adjusted when used together with inhibitors and / or inducers isoenzyme  as they may affect therapeutic efficacy and concentration of maraviroc. Immune reconstitution syndrome . In  patients with severe immune deficiency in the first few weeks or months of starting highly active antiretroviral therapy  may appear symptoms of inflammatory reactions as a result of acute secondary infection, occurring in an asymptomatic form.
  • Such reactions can lead to poor patient. Examples are cytomegalovirus retinitis, generalized and / or focal mycobacterial infections and pneumonia caused by of Pneumocystis jiroveci (formerly known as of Pneumocystis carinii ). It is necessary to detect any symptoms of inflammation and initiate appropriate treatment if necessary. The effect on the immune system. Antagonists of chemokine femara fertility receptors can negatively affect the immune response in certain infection. This should be considered when treating infections such as active tuberculosis and invasive fungal infections. Osteonecrosis . Despite the fact that the nature of osteonecrosis is considered to be multifactorial (corticosteroids, alcohol consumption, severe immunosuppression, higher body mass index), cases of osteonecrosis observed more frequently in patients with femara fertility. Patients should be advised to consult a doctor in cases where they are concerned about the pain in the joints or joint movement difficult. Violations of the liver . Safety and efficacy of maraviroc in patients with severe liver disease has not been studied.